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Dominus Tecum by FreekNik
Dominus Tecum
My entry to the Talos-Themed Craft Contest #2.
Ok, actually I wanted to make some cool-looking artwork in «art nouveau» style. I've got a nice idea and discussed first concept with my friend. Than I started working on it... and that's when it all gone wrong. I had  to remake my art 5 freaking times! I had problems with the original TTP level editor, so in order to pose model I had to move to SS3 editor. But I couldn't port a cat model into it, and the posing of the Talos model screwed up as well, since hands bones were acting very buggy and strange.
In the end I just spat on it and made what you see now. This picture has a lot of horrible things and problems which I'm not happy of at all. But I just couldn't make it any better, since this whole "project" just made me mad, angry and I lost my patience at all.
So yeah. That's all. Enjoy it. And sorry.
La ville des amoureux by FreekNik
La ville des amoureux
Aaand, that's it. Happy end, I guess? Our birdies end up with their duties and now can calm down and rest. And I think Paris is the best place for them.
This is my last picture with these great characters, Serious Sam and Heather Mason. I don't know why, but I freaking love this sweet couple. Even though they are very different, and I'm not such a 'romantic' type of person, I just really couldn't stop myself from merging them together. There is a couple more pics I've made, but I'm afraid DeviantArt once again delete them ;)

And yeah, made in XNA Lara.
Egyptian Adventures #2 by FreekNik
Egyptian Adventures #2
«Double the gun - double the blood!» (hence there's no blood on this picture :( )
Our heroes, Serious Sam and Heather Mason, still on their way to Mental... and yes, she is still on his back and probably never never get down from there :D Women...
Egyptian Adventures by FreekNik
Egyptian Adventures
«Double the gun - double the fun!»
At first, Serious Sam helped Heather Mason to clean up Silent Hill. Now, it's time for Heather to help Sam on his dangerous mission to kick some filthy aliens ass!
Let's shoot some things! by FreekNik
Let's shoot some things!
"Silent Hill? Monsters? Cultists? Evil god? HA! We'll destroy this fucking city in a hour!"
I dunno why but I love this pairing :)
Made in XPS.
Serious Sam (3) model by Commitment2PurpleX2 and CaWoow
Heather Mason Sporty model by deexie
M134 Vulcan Minigun by sadow1213
SS HD Tommygun model by OoFiLoO
SH3 Missionary model by shprops4xnalara
Hence my previous picture was deleted due to the rules violaton :(


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Well, to be honest - I'm not a professional in some sort of art, but tryin' to do something. No matter what.
What else about me? Ugh, I'm a crazy fan of Serious Sam series, also fan of the traditional and old-school heavy-metal, especially Croatian metal. Founder of an official russian-language fan-site dedicated to my favourite Croatian heavy-metal band Undercode. Like to write something, make en-ru transaltions, play games and eat horrible and un-healthy food.
Lazy bastard btw ;)
Another intersting community I've already been entered - So, welcome me, ha-ha. Well, I'm not suppose to post here some of my drawings, arts e.t.c. seriously and often, but, I'll try to do it... sometimes.
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Спасибо за фав! Очень приятно :aww:
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